PV MAGAZINE - Despite the recommendation of Germany’s scientific advisory, the Federal Ministry of Economics will wind up the KfW-storage subsidy program, for battery storage coupled with small PV arrays, at the end of this year. The Federal Ministry of Economics confirmed this news to pv magazine today. The German Parliamentary Economic Committee was informed by the Ministry this week that all of the targets associated with the program have been achieved.

Since May 2013, Germany’s Federal Ministry of Economics has supported the KfW-storage program, to incentivize distributed battery storage. The German government’s scientific advisory, the RWTH Aachen, has recommended that the program be extended, with minor technical adjustments. However the Federal Ministry of Economics has ignored this recommendation and will allow the program to expire at the end of the year.

The Federal Ministry of Economics informed pv magazine of this decision today. The statement from the ministry reads in part:

"The aim of the program was to push the market development of stationary battery storage systems, to accelerate their technology development, and to reduce costs to make the PV+battery storage more interesting to consumers. This objective has been achieved. The program’s first Monitoring Report in July was the first sign that these objectives were being met," the statement reads.


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