Mercatus has secured US$11.7 million in funding to enhance its energy investment management platform.

The changing energy market is placing increasing demands on both investors and the management of investments with the increasing complexity that is emerging as the market diversifies.
In a challenging investment market, energy investment management solution provider Mercatus has secured US$11.7 million, with which the company plans to grow both the scope of the product and its availability in the market.


Smart grid funding steady

These challenges are indicated in the latest venture capital figures from Mercom Capital Group, which show that investments in smart grid companies were only marginally up over the past year at US$425 million in 57 deals, compared with US$384 million in 74 deals in 2014.
Indeed, comparing the published annual figures, VC investments have tended to remain fairly steady since at least 2011 (assuming no changes in accounting procedures), when Mercom recorded US$377 million in 50 deals, compared to the flurry of activity involving US$769 million in 51 deals in 2010. Subsequent figures were US$434 million in 40 deals in 2012 and US$405 million in 63 deals in 2013.
Notably also in 2015, the lower number of deals attracted the largest number of investors, 103, compared for example to 88 in 2014.


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